Crowd Racing Entries and Declarations

Below we have listed all the current Crowd Racing entries and declarations.

Entries are not confirmed runs. Until the horse is declared, please do not assume these dates are certain runs!



Flying Bear has been retired following some bleeding from his nose. He will go onto a new career now, but racing would have put too much pressure on the horse and may well have caused more bleeding.

It is always sad for a career to end in this way, but we have to do what is best for the horse.


MC was claimed by the David O’Meara team and will now run for his new stable.



BTF has moved stable to join Jamie Osborne in Lambourn. Jamie is looking at targets for the coming weeks.


TD has been moved to the Neil Mulholland yard near Bath. Neil is perfect trainer to take The Detainee forward and hurdling now becomes a real option too.


SC is due to run at Doncaster on Friday 2nd June. She followed up a good run on the turf at Lingfield with a poor run on the sand at Newcastle.


Trending has been retired.

His heart was starting to cause concern, and he wasn’t recovering from his work. Racing was n0 longer an option as we will never run a horse with health risks and he will now go onto a new career which will place less stress on him.


Golly Miss Molly was sold at the July sales to the Brian Barr stable.


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Crowd Racing Entries and Declarations

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