The CROWD RACING TIPPING COMPETITION for January,  is about to get underway, and is the 4th competition in the run. It is totally free to enter, and the competition is fun and easy to take part in.

Each month, a series of groups are published and entrants choose from name from each group, giving the entrant a “team”. Every winner, either trained or ridden by a member of their team on the designated days is worth one point, and the highest scoring teams proceed from one round to the next.

After the first round, the competition splits into the main competition for the top scorers and the remainder drop into a consolation table. The winner of the main competition wins £250, and the winner of the consolation table wins £150, both prizes awarded in Crowd Racing vouchers.

Regular updates on the standings in the competition will be posted on this page and on the competition WhatsApp Group.

The Competition is totally free to enter, but you do need to be member of the Crowd Racing Club to take part, if you would like to join you can do so by clicking here



Round 2 of the January Tipping Competition begins on 16th January, and the results from Round 1 have been confirmed.

The top 40 have qualified for the second round, with the remainder dropping into the consolation league.







Everyone in the above groups (apart from last months winner Mary Hebbard) now can make one swap and nominate a Joker.

The swap allows them to switch any one member of their team for someone else from the same initial group, and they can nominate of any member of their team as a Joker. The Joker will score double for this round.

The Consolation Group is as follows, including the scores that they all carry forward from round 1.

















The main group all start from zero for Round 2, so the first round scores are not that relevant but for those of you who are interested the scores of the top 40 are below.












Remember, anyone can enter but you must be a member of the Crowd Racing Club. If you aren’t a member, you join the Club, totally free, by clicking here

Stage 1.

Everyone is in one group, and the top 40 will progress to the Semi-Finals.



Select 1 name from each group, which will give you a team of 8. You can see the Groups to the left.

Click here to email your selections to Craig

All racing in the England, Scotland and Wales on 9th, 10th.11th, 12th and 13th of January will count, and the objective is to get the most winners. Every winner, ridden or trained by one of your team scores you a point.

In the event of a tie for 40th place, the points will be recalculated for the tying teams without the Group One selection, and then the Group Two selection etc until we have a clear winner.
Should the level teams, have identical selections there will be a tie breaker on 14th January 2019.

Everybody who doesn’t make it into the top 40, will be dropped into The Consolation Table.
Their points will continue to accrue but they will not get to make any swaps or play Jokers or Champions. The winner of this table at the end of the final day, will win £150 worth of vouchers.




Stage 2 – Semi-Final.

The top 40 will be split into 8 groups of 5, and the winner of each group, plus the 4 best runners-up will progress to the Final 12.

All racing in the England, Scotland and Wales on 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th January 2019 will count, the objective remains to get winners.

All entrants will be able to swap ONE of their team for a name within the same initial group.
All entrants will also be able to nominate a JOKER, who will score double points for this stage.

For stage 2, all scores will be back at zero, total clean slate.
The same rules apply as stage 1 for any tied players.

Stage 3. The Final.

The 12 who make it to the final, will be in one group of 12.

All racing in the England, Scotland and Wales on 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of January will count, and the objective is to get the most winners. Every winner, ridden or trained by one of your team scores you a point.

All entrants will be able to swap ONE of their team for a name within the same initial group.
There will be a JOKER and also a CHAMPION. The joker will score double, but your champion will score treble.

The winner will get £250 worth of Crowd Racing Gift Vouchers,
and the winner of the Consolation Table will get £150 worth.

If you have any questions, please drop me a message.


Click here to email your selections to Craig



competition updates from previous months



It was close, and only one point was the difference between the top two, but congratulations to Mary Hebbard. Mary wins £250 worth of Crowd Racing Gift Vouchers.

The consolation Group was won well by Stuart Haywood, who will receive £150 worth of vouchers and a massive well done to Stuart.

Should Mary make it through the first round in January then she will not be able to nominate jokers or champions, nor make any swaps.

The final tables from December can be seen below.























December Tipping Competition – Round Two Final Positions – 12 progress to the final!

After a predictably close round, compounded by the usual mix of good and bad luck stories are the randomness of the groups, we have our final 12.

The final groups from Round Two of The December Tipping Competition can be seen below, and the names in RED have gone have gone through. The qualifying 12, now get to make one final swap, name a new JOKER and also nominate a CHAMPION (who will score 3 x the points for them.)

December Tipping Competition








All is not lost for the unlucky 28 who didn’t go through. They will now drop into the Consolation Group, and have a chance of claiming the £150 worth of vouchers available in there. Their teams will be reverted back to their original selections and as with everyone else in that side of the competition they will not qualify for Jokers or Swaps. As this is only a 3 round month instead of the usual 4 (due to Christmas), this is a trial to extend the involvement for everyone and it is envisaged that in future months the losers from Round 3 of the Main Competition will not drop down, just the first two rounds will.

The new table for the Consolation Group, including the 28 dropping down can be seen below. There is a significant amount of All-Weather racing in this week’s allocated point scoring days, so some jockeys and trainers who have been quiet regarding winners could well strike into form. By the nature of how the scores work, the folk at the top won’t have these and all it takes is one or two of the lower scorers to hit the target and the places alter a lot.

Consolation - December Tipping Competition













December Tipping Competition – Round Two Update

After the first day of Round Two, the main competition tables and the Top Ten placings in the Consolation Group can be seen below









There will be a lot of movement over the coming days, and it will be exciting to see where the scores go.

Remember, you can follow the competition on the WhatsApp group by clicking here 


Round One Results

The top 40 have progressed to Round Two, it was tight with a tie-breaker needed to decide the last 7 places.

December Tipping Competition









The top 40 have been split into 8 groups of 5 and the winners of each group, plus the 4 highest scoring runners-up will progress to the final!

The final 40 can now nominate one of their team to be their JOKER (which will score double points) as well as making one SWAP. The swap, needs to be for someone from the same initial group. Remember, scores for the main competition go back to zero at the start of the round.

All racing in England, Scotland and Wales on December 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th will count for this round.

The Groups are as follows

Consolation group








Everybody else is now in the Consolation Group for the December Tipping Competition, and the scores for everyone in that group can be seen below.

There are no jokers or swaps in the Consolation Group, the scores continue to accrue.



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